All you need to know about an ATV tour in the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley is a very popular place visited by tourists who come to Peru. Most of them go in vans or busses booked via tour agencies. Nothing wrong with this, the Sacred Valley is beautiful and a very interesting place to visit, so yes… You should definitely go there! But why not visit the Sacred Valley on an ATV tour? Read more to find out everything about such great adventure....

Riding on a Suzuki Vstrom 1000 through Peru

We proudly introduce the newest motorcycle to our fleet: The Suzuki Vstrom 1000! These recently purchased, fantastic street bikes are ready to make great tours and explore Peru. The bikes are the largest and most powerful of our fleet and are meant for our clients who wish to make a luxurious, comfortable and adventurous ride through Peru. This article will inform you why you should explore Peru on this great motorcycle....

Cusco Moto Tour

Cusco Moto Tour Peru is a professional and energetic company that has over 20 years of experience.


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